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    Kyoko Minazuki is Justice High's school nurse and chemistry teacher.

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    Kyoko is a beautiful and witty lady who possesses elegance, style, and intelligence. Originally, she is an assistant at a certain school for orthopedic surgery. As such, she is an expert in orthopedics and anatomy with the control and precision of a surgical genius. She is also the object of yearning of many male students at Justice High, with them faking almost all sorts of illnesses and injuries on their way to the school's infirmary just to get close to her. While in her white robe, she is an energetic doctor who possesses great skill and intellect; but without it, she's slovenly and careless. Furthermore, she has very poor household skills and drinks sake (Japanese rice wine).

    Character Evolution

    Rival Schools: United by fate

    First playable in Rival Schools: United By Fate, Kyoko is a school nurse (later, chemistry teacher) at Justice High School sent along with Hideo Shimazu to recruit students to the school. Like Hideo, she too is captured and brainwashed to do the school's bidding until being free by students from Taiyo High. In her ending in the game, the values she gains from the ordeal moves her to convict a former employer for corruption, and she eventually accepts Hideo's marriage proposal

    Project Justice

    In Project Justice, Kyoko appears with Hideo and Hayato in the Justice High storyline, investigating the cause of the new school attacks. In the story's ending, she is shown taking care of Hideo and reminding him of their coming wedding.


    • Hayato Nekketsu develops a crush on her (he likes sexy women) as indicated by his "good" ending in Rival Schools: United by Fate. Unfortunately, Hideo develops a crush on Kyoko as well and this gets him in a heated rivalry with Hayato.
    • She lives with her parents ever since she started working for Justice High. Furthermore, she is the couple's only daughter.
    • Prior to her current career, she was known to excel in biology and chemistry, and is not known to fare poorly in any other subject in school.
    • Although Justice High policy prohibits teachers from having part-time jobs, Kyoko writes articles in a weekly publication, giving rise to the assumption that she is aspiring to be a writer as well.

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