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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 129: "The Mystery of the Withering Hill" (砕け坂の怪 "Kudake Ban no Kai")
  • Chapter 130: "The Senior's Legacy" (長老の遺産 "Chōrō no Isan")
  • Chapter 131: "Oni and Setsubun" (鬼と節分 "Oni to Setsubun")
  • Chapter 132: "The Curse of One Hundred Years Later" (百年後の祟り "Hyakunen Nochi no Tatari")
  • Chapter 133: "The Fox Trap" (狐おとし "Kitsune Otoshi")
  • Chapter 134: "The Mysterious Transfer Student" (謎の転校生 "Nazo no Tenkōsei")
  • Chapter 135: "The Real Renge" (れんげの正体 "Renge no Shōtai")
  • Chapter 136: "One Hundred Souls" (百個めの魂 "Hyaku Kome no Kon")
  • Chapter 137: "Aim for the Top" (トップを目指す "Toppu o Mezasu")
  • Chapter 138: "Moving" (引っ越しのご挨拶 "Hikkoshi Goaisatsu")







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