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Kyogo Mono was the son of the priest of Togakushi Shrine. So, he knew he would be at his turn the priest of Togakushi Shrine. He met at High School Saya Mono and Toru Shiro. He felt in love with Saya. He dated with her and she became his wife. They had two children: Fuma Mono and Kotori Mono.

Sacred Sword


Years past and the destiny of Saya comes. She goes inside the Shrine to give birth to the Sacred Sword. Kyogo, his husband, reveals he knows that Saya doesn’t love him, but she loves Toru. Kyogo thinks selfishly and accepts this situation in order to be with the woman he loves. Kyogo promises to protect the sacred sword for Kamui. Saya dies and the sacred sword appears.

Final Battle


Six years past; Kyogo hide the sacred sword inside the temple. Everything is fine until the day when Fuma brings Kamui at home. He knows the day to give the sacred sword to Kamui. He goes to Togakushi Shrine in order to take the sacred sword. At the same moment, a storm begins above the Togakushi Shrine. Kyogo remembers how the sacred sword is responsible of the death of his wife. Kyogo feels the introduction of an intruder inside his shrine. A fight begins between the young intruder and Kyogo. Even if Kyogo fights with the sacred sword, the ribbon of the intruder is superior. Kamui and Fuma receive the call of the sword and go to the shrine. But it was too late, the intruder kills Kyogo. He steals the sword, introduces himself as Nataku, one of the Seven Angels and runs away. Fuma dashes at his father. It is too late, Kyogo tries to reveal the secret about the link between his son and Kamui, but he dies before.

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