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    The Kymellians are a species that bear a similar appearance to horses. They have long been enemies of the evil Z'nrx (Snarks), and lost their home planet long ago.

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    The Kymellians are an ancient alien species baring a similar resemblance to the horses of Earth. They have long been the enemies of the race known as the Snarks.

    Arguably the most famous Kymellian is Aelfyre Whitemane, who is not only a respected member of council but also the Kymellian to give the Power Pack their powers.

    The world of Kymellia was once ruled by a benign technocracy which sought to improve lives through science only. When a limitless power source of antimatter was discovered things looked good. However, the antimatter eventually destroyed the planet, wiping out most of the Kymellian race.

    Other notable Kymellians are Kofi Whitemane and Byrel Whitemane.


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