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    A feral mutant with the power to replicate any sound he hears, and wields two magical swords. He briefly became a member of the British mutant group Excalibur.

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    At the age of 7, the young Colin McKay's mutant nature came to the attention of the British crime lord Vixen. Believing he might be of value to her she sent her henchmen to abduct him. Escaping, he hid in an old, derelict factory near the shores of Loch Daemon where he encountered and befriended the apparently robotic Widget. Understanding that Colin was in trouble, Widget opened a portal to another reality, Ee'rath or Earth-148, and sent Colin through for his safety. Colin emerged on the other side to a land very different from what he has ever known.


    Kylun was created by Alan Davis and Chris Claremont.and first appeared as a child in Excalibur Vol. 1 issue 2 (1988) and as an adult in Excalibur Vol. 1 issue 42 (1991).

    Major Story Arcs

    Welcome to Ee'rath

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    Colin was in Ee'rath for only a short time before he was found by locals. He was treated well by everyone, as they all took his arrival as a "good omen." They escorted him to the exiled royal household of Queen Ai'sha who greeted young Colin with open arms. Deciding to take him in and care for the young child, she placed Colin, or Kylun as he was now called, in the care of her counselor, the reptilian mystic known as Zz'ria. While with Zz'ria, Kylun trained to become a warrior and Chosen One of Ee'rath. Zz'ria trained him in all manners of life, most specifically swordplay. Once Kylun gained mastery over this skill, Zz'ria forged twin mystic blades and give them to him. Kylun named them the Zz'ria blades, after his instructor and creator of them. He would be inseparable from the blades.

    Time in this reality moves a lot faster then on Earth. Its seems like he was only there a short time when he reached adolescence and his mutant powers emerged. As part of his mutant powers, Kylun changed physically, becoming more leonine. Growing to manhood Kylun became the leader of Queen Ai'sha's army. As a sign of remembrance he adopted a symbol that looked like Widget at his totem. Kylun also proposed to the Queen's daughter, Princess Sat'neen, who accepted. Kylun's training was all leading up to one battle. He was to fight and free Ee'rath from the magical despot known as Necrom who was the tyrannical ruler of this world. As Kylun neared his final stages and readied to battle Necrom, the worst possible thing that could happen, happened. Necrom would attack first and caught the Queen's forces off guard. Fearing the growing strength of the Queen's army, Necrom could no longer wait. Attacking them and catching them off guard led to a bloodbath with many innocence losing their lives. Thousands of the Queens army were killed including the Queen herself. Necrom would capture the Princess as well and 100's of their troops taking them back severely crippling his enemy's army. He had intentions of sacrificing Sat'neen and killing off the whole royal family. Kylun would intervene and come to Necrom's forces with his army that he was able to gather. He successfully saved Sat'neen and retreats to devise a better plan of attack.

    Excalibur Attacks!!

    Kylun's retreat wouldn't buy him much time to regroup. Necrom would waste no time and would return with four of his most powerful warriors with him. The four included this world's versions of Black Knight, Captain Britain, Thor and Spider-Man; all members of the now destroyed Excalibur. A decade ago, Necrom had killed all of them and brought them back, using magic, as lifeless, mindless zombies who followed his every word. Necrom's team would be confronted by Kylun and Sat'neen and a battle quickly followed. Kylun superior fighting skills would help him hold his own against the Zombie Excalibur. While he kept them busy, Sat'neen attacked Necrom. Sat'neen's attack would deal out incredible damage to Necrom. So effective was she that she seemingly defeated him. Her attack would break his spell animating the zombie warriors and they would return to lifeless dead corpses, falling to the ground. Victory wasn't theirs yet. Though Sat'neen hurt Necrom, she didn't kill him and this would prove to be a fatal error for her. He would retaliate by slaying Sat'neen. Kylun would attack by impaling Necrom with his blade severely hurting Necrom. But his actions would make no difference. He checks on his beloved fiancé and knew she was close to death. They shared one final telepathic goodbye and he refocused his efforts on Necrom. Kylun realized then that Necrom was attempting to escape. Kylun would follow. Necrom, aided by one of his slave creature manages to get to the "Tower that Crosses Time," and entered it. This structure had not been entered in more then 20,000 years but Kylun cared not, and enter without a second thought. Once Necrom and his slave entered they emerged in Earth-616 (the mainstream reality). They would be met by the alien group known as the Technet. Necrom's slave immediately attacks and is quickly neutralized by China doll. Amidst the fighting, Necrom escapes. Kylun only moments behind, enters the tower and also arrives in Earth #616. When he emerges, he is met by the swashbuckling Nightcrawler and a battle follows. It quickly comes to an end when Kylun, using his blades, finds that he is unable to harm Nightcrawler. Realizing, the he is one of the good guys, Kylun stops the battle. After a brief introduction, Kylun is informed that Necrom's arrival took place 10 days ago, in this reality.

    Joining Excalibur

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    Having no other option, and no way to return to Ee'rath, Kylun would accept membership into Excalibur. While apart of the team, he participates in many battles. In a short time he becomes a valued and trusted member of the team. He even manages to finally help in the defeat of Necrom. Excalibur was the primary force fighting against the magical Necrom. Though Phoenix would be credited with the destruction of Necrom, Kylun was very much involved in the battle. After this battle he buries his dead fiancé and informs his new teammates that he was off to contact his parents that he had not seen since he was 7. He wouldn't make it to meet his parents as he became embroiled in many battles to come. He once again is teamed up with Excalibur as they fought through countless more missions. Finally done he meets his parents. He is also present at the wedding of Captain Britain and Meggan which is also when Excalibur disbands. He continues to live with his parents catching up on lost time. Although he dislikes the the lack of action in his life. Kylun awaits the time the he is called upon for help once again.

    Kylun maintained his powers during the events of M-Day. The government group known as ONE has also deemed him a "General" threat. Though his mutant powers are minor, his swordsmanship skills are and fighting ability are considerable threats in the event that he is called in action once more for the mutant cause.

    Knights of X

    Excalibur recently reorganized as Knights of X. Kylun joined the team along with other classic members and also new members.


    Sound Duplication:

    Kylun's mutant ability allows his to identically replicate any sound he hears flawlessly.

    Special Abilities:

    Kylun is an exceptionally skilled and highly trained swordsman

    Special Equipment:

    The twin mystical blades of Zz'ria

    Kylun was given these swords and trained in their power and use. These swords were forged by the mystic known as Zz'ria in Ee'rath. They are created from a metal unknown of in Earth and have mystical qualities. These blades can cut through vitually any substance known to man. In contrast though, the blades can not harm anyone of a good or pure heart. The blades will simply pass through them, they simply become intangible. Due to the blades mystical nature, they are highly resistant to magic. They can destroy magical creations, can deflect magical attacks and can wound magical beings, even thoughts that would normally be impervious to damage such as Necrom.


    Known Relatives:

    Earth #616 Parents (unnamed), Earth #616 Cousins (unnamed), Sa'teen (Chosen Lifemate, deceased), Ai'sha (mother-in-law, deceased)


    Citizen of the U.K.

    Place of Birth:

    Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

    Marital Status:



    Adventurer & Chosen World Protector (Formerly: student)


    Primary school (unfinished)


    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'2" as a child / 5'11" as an adult

    Weight: 101 lbs as a child / 170 lbs as an adult

    Eyes: Red slit with yellow iris after mutation

    Hair: Red as a child / Brownish Orange fur after mutation

    Unusual Traits

    Already possessing cat-like eyes as a child, while on Ee'rath, Kylun's body mutated further, giving him a lion-like appearance. He grew fur over entire body.

    Alternate Realities

    Kylun has yet to appear in any other alternate realities.


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