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    Kyle is one of the four main protagonists on the show, South Park.

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    General Information

    Birthday: May 26

    Age: 10

    Hair: Red

    Eyes: Brown

    Religion: Jewish


    Kyle is usually seen wearing a bright orange jacket, lime-green mittens, greenish lime ushanka, green pants and black shoes. He has a bright red Jewfro underneath his hat. He is about the same size as the most of the other boys.


    Kyle and Stan seem to have similar personalities. It could be because of this that he and Stan are best friends. Kyle can be considered as the moral center of the group since he has the strongest morals among the boys. He has strong beliefs and become upset when he is forced to question them. He has an intense rivalry with Cartman due to their clashing personalities and the fact that Cartman constantly mocks Kyle for being Jewish. He has a short temper, especially when it comes to Eric Cartman. Kyle has a wide imagination and is easily the most compassionate of the four main characters. He also is known to be the smartest of the four, often finding logical solutions to problems instead of favoring Cartman's ridiculous ideas. Kyle has a superhero alter-ego called the Human Kite. He is part of the super group, "Coon and friends". His dresses up in a colorful kite outfit and his imagined power is flight and laser eye beams.


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