Will they give him a WL oath?

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So now that Kyle Rayner has mastered the emotional spectrum and become a white lantern do you think he will have an oath? We know there is a white power battery because the new guardians(the ones from brightest day) found one on earth. So do you think he will get a battery and make a home planet for his new corps (like Oa, Ysmault, or Nok) on a small planet. I hope they reveal his oath in new gaurdians soon so that we can officially know the oaths for every lantern corps.

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Good question. Though I don't see how he would have a use for one considering how he got his white lantern ring. He is unique even to something as unique as the white lantern ring/battery itself. Will other white lanterns have an oath? Yes indeed, but Kyle himself, well.. that remains to be seen. I think the better question is., Does he even need to keep a personal lantern to recharge?

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