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    Kyle Higgins is an American writer/director who has worked primarily for Marvel and DC Comics. He got his start from a short film he directed and co-wrote, titled THE LEAGUE, about the Superhero Labor Union of 1960's Chicago.

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    Kyle Higgins was the writer and director of The League, a film about a superhero labor union in 1960's Chicago that was made as his college thesis. This got him and his collaborator Alec Siegel the attention of Marvel Comics. Together, they co-wrote one of the Captain America: Theater of War one-shots in 2009, and later contributed a story for Captain America's 70th Anniversary issue that was released in 2011. The team also co-wrote a Vision origin story in 2011.

    The Nightrunner
    The Nightrunner

    In 2010, Higgins began writing for DC Comics. He wrote back-up features for the two-part story by David Hine, taking place in Batman Annual and Detective Comics Annual, that introduced the Batman, Incorporated character of Nightrunner. Higgins' story fleshed out the character's background and the events immediately following the main story. Due to the controversy over Nightrunner being a Muslim, these two issues received significant media attention.

    Higgins then teamed with fellow new writer Scott Snyder for the 2011 limited series Batman: Gates of Gotham. Snyder plotted the series while Higgins wrote the scripts, and the series was illustrated by Trevor McCarthy. The series delved into the past of Gotham City, revealing a piece of secret history concerning the architects of the city's construction, the Gates brothers.

    Briefly, Higgins did some more work for Marvel Comics, namely Supreme Power, a limited series for Marvel's MAX imprint.

    Higgins' first ongoing work came as part of the 2011 relaunch of DC's entire line of comics following the Flashpoint event. He became the writer of the new series Nightwing, which saw Dick Grayson return to his former identity after being Batman, and Deathstroke, a solo series featuring the infamous villain.

    His run on Nightwing came to a close after 28 issues, with the events of Forever Evil taking Dick Grayson into a new direction with the Tom King and Tim Seeley written Grayson. In September 2013 Higgins began writing the digital-first Batman Beyond 2.0, which was later collected in print under the title Batman Beyond Universe.

    In 2014, Higgins was a contributing writer to the weekly series Batman Eternal; and launched his creator-owned Image Comics series C.O.W.L., which lasted for eleven issues.

    He currently writes the ongoing adventures of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers for Boom! Studios and his creator-owned Radiant Black for Images Comics.

    Created Characters

    DC Comics



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