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    Kyle Baker is an American cartoonist, comic-book writer and artist and animator.

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    At 17 years old Kyle Baker interned at Marvel Comics. Meeting artist such as John Romita Jr. Kyle Baker started his career as an inker. With his foot in the comic book world door way, he dropped out of school and found employment fully illustrating comics.

    The Cowboy Wally comic striped brought interest in him from Doubleday/Dolphin publishing house. The Cowboy Wally strip would later be turned into a 128 page graphic novel in 1988. By 1990 Kyle Baker would find his way to DC Comics, where she started illustrating The Shadow and Justice Inc, he was now writing his own graphic novels such as Why I Hate Saturn.

    Kyle Baker would work with Vertigo between the late 90s and early millennium, with creating covers so series like Doom Patrol for Rachel Pollack and writing more of his own original graphic novels, such I die at Midnight and King David. Baker as also released original graphic novels for smaller publishers such as Special Forces for Image and Nat Turner for Abrams.

    Currently Kyle Baker has been working with Superheroes again: illustrating short stories for the Spirit, writer and artist on Wednesday Comics' Hawkman and the short lived 2004 Plastic man series where he was writer and artist are some examples.

    Kyle Baker was one of the animators for Showtime's Dexter: Early Cuts webisodes. The Alex Timmons is the story he animated.


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