Kyle Abbot

    Character » Kyle Abbot appears in 35 issues.

    Shape-shifting bodyguard to Whisper A'Daire, Abbott transforms into a giant wolf.

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    Kyle was formerly an agent for Ra's al Ghul. He was a high ranking officer in Ra's army, even being called "The Demon's Hound". After al Ghul's death, Kyle remained with his mistress Whisper A'Daire as her bodyguard. He also drank the serum that empowered Whisper, but in Kyle's case, he became an immortal werewolf. He commands a group of henchman that have similar powers.

    He always follows the orders that Whisper gives, and is unwaveringly loyal to her. However, Whisper has the tendency to lash out at him for any perceived failures, at one time blinding and disfiguring him with her acid spit. He left her, but she found him again and injected him with her life-giving serum, restoring his face and boosting his power to new levels, but leaving his left eye disabled.

    After the Infinite Crisis, he has become more muscular and his eyesight has been restored.

    Kyle resurfaced again in week 11 of 52, again as a bodyguard for Whisper, who herself was working for HSC International Banking, the business end of Intergang. He helped Whisper in a fight against Batwoman, but left the battle to his lackeys, fleeing with A'Daire. Kyle later framed Renee Montoya and the Question for murder, but he was caught. He escaped yet again.

    After returing to Gotham City from Africa, Kyle helped A'Daire decipher passages from the Crime Bible. He confided with Whisper his fears of Bruno Mannheim's madness, but his former bosses found this to be unloyal, and he left Whisper again. He found his former enemy Renee Montoya, and helped her to rescue Batwoman after realizing the passages he had helped to decode led to Mannheim abducting her. Afterwords, he helped Nightwing destroy devices intended to cause massive fires in Gotham.

    Kyle also had an encounter with the Overmaster, where the Overmaster revealed Kyle was a vessel for the power of Fenrir, a Norse wolf monster.

    Kyle Abbot came back into Batwoman's life when she had to contend with her sister Elizabeth Kane aka Alice. Abbot later revealed the significance of Batwoman's heritage to the Religion of Crime and the Crime Bible but Batwoman refused to be a part of Abbot's mad prophecy. Later on, Abbot and his followers come into conflict with the Medusa Tong, a gang of Chinese occultists who worship the Greek monster Medusa. Eventually, Medusa is released thanks to Maro Ito/ Sune, the transsexual leader of the Medusa Tong. Medusa and Maro's monstrous creations attack Batwoman as well as Abbot's followers. In a last ditch effort to put an end to Medusa, Abbot lunges at the gorgon. Unfortunately, Abbot gave away his position and Medusa's gaze turned Abbot into stone. Abbot's stone body flew threw the air and finally shattered at Medusa's feet.

    Powers and Abilities

    Kyle is a tall and muscular man who appears to be in his late twenties, but is actually over sixty years old. He is a deadly hand to hand combatant, having been a member of The League of Assassins. He is also a dead shot with most weapons. After drinking Ra's serum, Kyle is immortal and able to shape shift into a wolf form in which he has enhanced strength and durability. He can also assume a form inbetween his wolf and man forms, a bipedal shape in which Whisper A'Daire describes him as a "large, furry, brick". It is unknown if Kyle is able to be wounded by sivler or other traditional werewolf weaknesses.


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