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    Son of Ares. Was slain by Hercules.

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    Kyknos is a character from greek mythology.


    Kykno's is the son of Ares and a mortal woman. Desperate to please his father, he began slaughtering men and using their bones to build a temple to honor Ares. Kyknos ran afoul of Hercules battling him as his father watched urging Zeus to allow him to assist his son, who refused until he spoke with the Moirae. They had foreseen Kyknos's death, so Are's joined his son in battling Hercules almost overcoming him until the intervention of Athena, which allowed Hercules to wound Ares and kill his son.

    Upon death Kyknos was sent to Hades, where he stayed for many centuries and where he again encountered Hercules who was attempting to free Zeus. Hercules was forced to battle a jury including Kyknos. Kyknos later attacks Pluto for not honoring his bargain of freeing the captives of Hades. Kyknos later frees himself from Hades, by accepting Hera's offer to be the new god of war, as well as killing his father. But his father soon after kills him once again.

    Personal Data


    • Height: 6"7'
    • Weight: 351 lbs
    • Eye Color: Yellow
    • Hair Color: None


    Powers & Abilities

    Kryknos has superhuman strength, enhanced durability, and increased mass due to extra dense flesh and bone. He is trained in armed combat with ancient Greek weapons such as swords, spears, and double-edged axes. He is also well versed in ancient rituals.


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