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    Kwinn is an Inuit Mercenary who worked for the CIA, MI-6, and KGB.

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    Kwinn was a highly trained and highly motivated mercenary. He was an expert hunter, tracker, and survivalist. Kwinn was also multi-lingual, speaking English, French, Russian, Finnish, German, and three Inuit dialects which helped with his mercenary contracts for agencies including; the CIA, MOSSAD, MI-6, and the KGB. Kwinn was also proficient in the use of multiple kinds of firearms, explosives, and less common weapons such as the long bow and harpoon. His weapon of choice was a .30 calibre belt-fed machine gun.


    Kwinn was created by Larry Hama in 1982 for Marvel's G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comic series.

    Character Evolution

    Kwinn had an extreme sense of honour. He never lied, spoke about his employers and their jobs, and always fulfilled his contract.

    During Kwinn's few appearances in the early days of G.I.Joe he found in Snake Eyes a kindred spirit. He admired the the fact that Snake Eyes was relentless, and would not stop on his missions, much like Kwinn himself. On a number of occasions Kwinn saved Snake Eyes, either directly, but also indirectly such as keeping him from killing Dr. Venom out of rage and damning himself.

    Kwinn met his end in G.I.Joe Issue #19 at the hands of Dr. Venom, a man whom he had saved on multiple occasions. In Kwinn's last moments he came to terms with his life as a mercenary and realized that his life had been marred by dishonour. With his last words he told Dr. Venom that he would not stain his final moments alive with a final attempt to kill Venom "...I've made my peace with the weasel. Kwinn will not harm you while he lives--that--I--pr--promise..." As Kwinn's body pitches forward a live grenade he had been holding falls at the feet of Dr. Venom. Venom realizes that the grenade has fallen from a dead man's hand in the second before he is killed in the grenade blast.

    Kwinn was given a funeral fitting a man of his spirituality and ethnicity, his casket was floated off into an arctic current at sunset by Snake Eyes and Wild Bill.

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