Kurt Marko

    Character » Kurt Marko appears in 88 issues.

    Kurt Marko was the father of Juggernaut and stepfather of Professor X. Notably abusive.

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    Dr. Kurt Marko was a nuclear physicist and family man. Marjorie, His first wife, died when their son Cain was only three-years-old. He had to raise the boy himself. He was a strict and abusive father figure. He would whip Cain with a belt both to punish him for disobedience and to take out his own frustrations.

    Kurt Marko worked at Alamogordo facility, New Mexico (home to the Black Womb project) alongside Brian Xavier. He was secretly envious of his financially well-to-do colleague. When a lab accident endangered both their lives, Kurt escaped and left Brian behind. Brian lost his life. Kurt viewed an opportunity in romancing Sharon Xavier, the grieving widow.


    Kurt Marko was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1965.

    Major Story Arcs

    Marriage with Sharon

    Sharon and Kurt married. Bringing financial security to the Markos. The marriage quickly turned to a rather loveless affair with both Kurt and Sharon turning to alcoholism (varying depictions). Meanwhile Cain and his new stepbrother Charles were becoming enemies. Sharon died early. Leaving Kurt to raise two boys alone. As strict and abusive as ever before.


    Kurt was working on his private laboratory one day when interrupted by Cain. He had a fight with his frustrated son. He was surprised to hear Cain clearly accusing him of murdering Brian Xavier. He took Cain by the collar of his coat and started yelling at him. Cain retaliated by throwing down the chemical vials surrounding them. Cain only wanted to hurt his father by ruining his precious experiments. Instead the chemicals reacted to a violent explosion, setting the Xavier Mansion on fire. Kurt carried his son and stepson to safety before succumbing to mortal wounds.

    Personal Data


    • Eye Color: Black
    • Hair Color: Black


    • Identity: Public
    • Edducation: PhD
    • Occupation: Nuclear Scientist

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