Kurt Lance

    Character » Kurt Lance appears in 55 issues.

    Former member of Team 7 and Black Canary's husband, Kurt Lance was thought killed by Canary but remains alive and is working with Amanda Waller.

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    Kurt Lance created by Scott Lobdell and Ig Guara.

    Major Story Arcs


    Dinah and Kurt
    Dinah and Kurt

    When Black Canary decides to attempt to create her team the Birds of Prey, there's a rumor going around that she killed a man by shattering his skull. Even her old friend Barbara Gordon seems wary of Dinah and the events surrounding her. Nevertheless, the team is formed and they take on a group of mind controlled assassins called The Cleaners, whose leader Choke alludes to knowing secrets about Dinah's past. Eventually, Dinah, Barbara and Katana are lured into a trap by a group of spies, after a similar murder that resembles the rumor of Dinah's crime happens. Meanwhile, in South Dakota, Starling, a spy herself, searches a secret base for information on a victim, and finds out that the man Dinah apparently killed was named Kurt Lance, her former husband she had never mentioned. Back in Gotham City, after the rest of the Birds escape the trap laid for them by Kurt's former associates, Dinah tearfully admits to her team that three years ago, she did kill her husband.

    Despite all this happening, in New York, along with Amanda Waller, a man named Kurt Lance, resembling the photo on the file Starling acquired, is investigating damage left by the Teen Titans. During their conversation, Waller alludes to Lance being part of a highly classified team known as Team 7, which Justice League liaison Steve Trevor also once belonged to.

    Team 7

    "Most of what we need to find will be things that don't want to be found. Kurt Lance will find them."

    Team 7
    Team 7

    Kurt Lance was Dinah's husband during the early days of Team 7. Unlike the other members of the team, Kurt wasn't originally a field operative and it showed ---- he struggled with activities that the rest of the team would breeze through. But it was his other talents that made John Lynch seek him out for a spot on the squad. At some point of time after the creation of Team 7, Kurt was supposedly killed by his wife's Canary Cry, but this is eventually revealed to be a lie ---- Kurt was alive and under the care of Amanda Waller, while his wife still believed that he had died by her hand. In the present day, Waller assigned Kurt with tracking down the Teen Titans and bringing them into custody before they hurt themselves or someone else.

    Birds of Prey

    In several issues, Black Canary sees visions of Kurt after which her sonic powers are amplified to levels beyond her control, hence increasing the destructive capability of her cry.

    Teen Titans

    Solstice and Kurt Lance
    Solstice and Kurt Lance

    He contacted Solstice and tells her that he can help her retake her old form so long as she "[makes] better choices." In issue Teen Titans #16 when he watched Teen Titans he attacked by Grey Lora and someone from Basilisk team and he and he fell down unconscious.

    Suicide Squad

    He appear in issue #18 who has kidnapped and whipped hard from Basilisk.

    Personal Data


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    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Brown


    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: Gotham City, America
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Occupation: Adventurer, Government Agent of Team 7
    • Known Relatives: Dinah Lance aka Black Canary (Wife)

    Powers and Abilities


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    Kurt Lance has the power to magnify other people's powers and he with his telekinetic augment win Grey Lora. When he appeared to Solstice as a hologram he showed her that he can make her normal with his siphon power. Also, with his powers he can force Black Canary to scream.


    In Team 7 he was adept in the use of weapons and was good in unarmed combat. Also, he has piloting skills.


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