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Proper Japanese Title: Uintaa Kappu de (ウインターカップで)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 71: They're Pretty Scary (恐ろしいもんやで Osoroshii Mon yade)
  • Chapter 72: Quit Being Obvious (当たり前なこと言ってんじゃねーよ Atari Mae na Koto Ittenjanee yo)
  • Chapter 73: Make Him Pay (返せ Kaese)
  • Chapter 74: I Brought Him Home (拾いました Hiroimashita)
  • Chapter 75: I Never Expected To See You Here (こんな所で合うとはな Konna Tokoro de Au to wa na)
  • Chapter 76: Like a Big Brother (兄キかな Aniki kana)
  • Chapter 77: I've Made Up My Mind!! (腹は決めた!! Hara wa Kimeta!!)
  • Chapter 78: Come Play a Bit (ちょっとまざってけよ Chotto Mazatteke yo)
  • Chapter 79: At the Winter Cup (ウインターカップで Uintaa Kappu de)
  • Chapter 80: Watch Me (見てて下さい Mitete Kudasai)

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