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Proper Japanese Title: Yaru Koto wa Kimatta!! (やることは決まった!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 62: I Know What I Have To Do!! (やることは決まった!! Yaru Koto wa Kimatta!!)
  • Special Chapter: -Tip off- (-Tip off- Tippu Ofu)
  • Chapter 63: I'll Win Even If It Kills Me, Though (死んでも勝つっスけど Shindemo Katsussu Kedo)
  • Chapter 64: Not That Grown-Up (大人じゃねーよ! Otona Janee yo!)
  • Chapter 65: Who Was It (誰だと思ってんスか Dareda to Omottensuka)
  • Chapter 66: One Warning (一つ忠告しとくわ Hitotsu Chuukoku Shitokuwa)
  • Chapter 67: I Quit (やめる Yameru)
  • Chapter 68: It Wouldn't Be Strange (おかしくないと思います Okashikunai to Omoimasu)
  • Chapter 69: Who Knows? (どうなるんスかね Dounarunsuka ne)
  • Chapter 70: Cut the Crap! (カン違いしてんじゃねーよ! Kanchigai Shitenjanee yo!)

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