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Proper Japanese Title: Katsu Tame ni (勝つために)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 17: Doesn't It Fire You Up? (燃えません? Moemasen?)
  • Chapter 18: Let's Give It A Look (ちょっと見せてもらおうぜ Chotto Misete Moraouze)
  • Chapter 19: It Made Me Realize Again (改めて思いました Aratamete Omoimashita)
  • Chapter 20: It Will Be All Right (大丈夫です Daijoubu desu)
  • Chapter 21: We Overcame It (乗り越えたし Norikoetashi)
  • Chapter 22: Don't Worry (心配すんな Shinpai Sunna)
  • Chapter 23: In Order To Win (勝つために Katsu Tame ni)
  • Chapter 24: It Even Died For That Sake (オシャカにしたんで Oshaka ni Shitande)
  • Chapter 25: Well Then... (さぁ… Saa...)

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