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Proper Japanese Title: Omae no Basuke (おまえのバスケ)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 8: I Am Going (行ってきます Ittekimasu)
  • Chapter 9: I Made A Promise (約束しました Yakusoku Shimashita)
  • Chapter 10: Man Proposes, God Disposes (「人事を尽くして天命を待つ」 Jinji wo Tsukushite Tenmei wo Matsu)
  • Chapter 11: Your Basketball (おまえのバスケ Omae no Basuke)
  • Chapter 12: Bring It Back (買ってきて♡ Kattekite)
  • Chapter 13: Let's Go! (行くぞ!! Ikuzo!!)
  • Chapter 14: I'll Tell You Two Things (2つ言っておくぜ Futatsu Itteokuze)
  • Chapter 15: Definitely Strong!! (断然強ーわ!! Danzen Tsuee wa!!)
  • Chapter 16: We'll See Something Incredible (すごいもん見れるわよ Sugoi Mon Mireru wayo)

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