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Proper Japanese Title: Kondo wa Ore ga (今度はオレが)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 118: He Hates To Lose (負けず嫌いやからな Makezugirai Yakarana)
  • Chapter 119: Good, We Can Keep It Short (話が早くて助かるぜ Hanashiga Hayakute Tasukaruze)
  • Chapter 120: It's Useless (無駄な努力だ Mudana Doryokuda)
  • Chapter 121: This Time I'll (今度はオレが Kondo wa Orega)
  • Chapter 122: Mind Leaving It To Me (オレに任せてくれないすかOre ni Makasete Kurenaisuka)
  • Chapter 123: I Think He's Extremely Happy (嬉しくてしょうがないと思います Ureshikute Shoganai to Omoimasu)
  • Chapter 124: You'll Catch A Chill (ただもう一度 Tada Mouichido)
  • Chapter 125: Comeback Time! (逆転だよ! Gyakutendayo!)
  • Chapter 126: We Should Get Along (仲良くしようや Nakayoku Shiyouya)

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