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Proper Japanese Title: Kondo wa Mou Zettai ni (今度はもう絶対に)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 109: It's Been A While (久しぶりだな Hisashiburi dana)
  • Chapter 110: Break A Leg (よろしゅうたのむわ Yoroshuu Tanomu wa)
  • Chapter 111: We're Gonna Start Like This (このまま始めるわよ Kono Mama Hajimeru wayo)
  • Chapter 112: The Winter Cup Will Recommence (ウインターカップを再開します Uintaa Kappu wo Saikaishimasu)
  • Chapter 113: Sorry To Keep You Waiting (待たせたね Mataseta ne)
  • Chapter 114: Never Again (今度はもう絶対に Kondo wa Mou Zettai ni)
  • Chapter 115: Take the Lead!! (主導権とれ!! Shudouken Tore!)
  • Chapter 116: That's Insulting (心外です Shingai desu)
  • Chapter 117: Only When He's In Top Form!! (絶好調の時だけだ!! Zekkouchou no Toki Dake da!!)

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