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Proper Japanese Title: Shidou!!! (始動!!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 81: Go! (始動!!! Shidou!!!)
  • Chapter 82: Let's Have Some Fun~ (楽しんでこーぜ Tanoshindekooze)
  • Chapter 83: Please Let Them Know "This Means War" (宣戦布告お願いします Sensen Fukoku Onegaishimasu)
  • Chapter 84: You Mean "Finally" (やっとだろうが Yatto Darou ga)
  • Chapter 85: Once Is Enough (一度でたくさんだ Ichido de Takusan da)
  • Chapter 86: There's Obviously Only One Answer (答えは一つに決まっている Kotae wa Hitotsu ni Kimatteiru)
  • Chapter 87: Strong Doesn't Cut It (手強いなんてもんじゃねぇ Tegowai Nante Mon Janee)
  • Chapter 88: Run!! (走るぞ!! Hashiruzo!!)
  • Chapter 89: I've Been Waiting (待ってたぜ Mattetaze)

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