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    Kurapika is one of the four protagonists of the manga Hunter x Hunter. He is a lone survivor of the Kurta/Kuruta Clan and seeks revenge on the Phantom Troupe/Spiders for murdering his clan.

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    Powers and Abilities

    Kurapika is a conjurer type Nen user, meaning he excells at using his Nen energy to create objects out of thin air. Kurapika's main weapon forged from his Nen abilities are five chains attached to each of the fingers on his right hand. Each chain serves a specific purpose. Kurapika can conceal these chains using "In" in order to bind foes who won't know whats coming until its to late. Because Kurapika is of the Kurta clan his eyes turn scarlet red when he is agitated or when he dies. This state affects the makeup of his Nen powers. This state is called Emperor Time, and it changes his Nen type to

    specialist, it also lets him use all types of Nen to 100% efficiency

    Thumb Finger - Holy Chain - This chain ends in a cross and is used to heal injuries by fortifying it with Nen and wrapping it on the damaged body part.

    Index Finger - Chain - This chain has yet to be revealed.

    Middle Finger - Chain Jail - This chain ends in a hook and will wrap itself around a target and forces the

    victim into Zetsu. Meaning this chain can only be broken through physical strength. Kurapika has limited himself to using this chain on the Phantom Troupe only to increase its strength.

    Ring Finger - Dowsing Chain - This chain ends in a ball and is used by Kurapika for most battles when not fighting one of the Phantom Troope. It can be used defensively or offensively.

    Little Finger - Judgement Chain - This chain ends in a blade and this chain will enter the opponent's body and wrap itself around their heart. Kurapika can set two rules and if his opponent violates either rule their heart will be pierced and crushed. This chain can only be used during Emperor Time. Kurapika has his own heart wrapped in this chain in order to increase the strength of the Chain Jail.


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