Kung Jin

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    Descendant of the Great Kung Lao and cousin of Kung Lao, he was a thief turned Shaolin Monk archer that wants to follow his fallen relatives footsteps and honor his family. He represents the Shaolin faction among the new Defenders of Earthrealm.

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    Mortal Kombat X

    The Kung family was in a great state of turmoil, with its fortune faltering and a member of the family, Kung Lao, being killed in cold blood by the emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn. For that reason, Jin's family had to move to USA, where Jin became quite skilled in the art of stealing and stealth, even going as far as doing some sidejobs using its skill. However, he had a grudge against Raiden, blaming him for the death of his older cousin, Lao. So much that he went to the Sky Temple to steal a family heirloom that he thought Raiden shouldn't have in the first place. However, Raiden caught Jin in the crime scene, and Jin couldn't handle it and accused Raiden of doing nothing to avoid Lao's death. After they let off some steam during a fight between both, Jin noticed that Raiden wanted him to just let go of his anger. Raiden seized the opportunity to invite Jin to join the Wu Shi Academy and honor his ancestors, but Jin thinks he's not worthy due to his homosexuality. Raiden assured him that the Shaolin only cared about what's on his heart, and as a token of good faith, he hands off Lao's heirloom to Jin. Afterwards, Jin joins the academy and becomes a Shaolin Monk.

    Five years later, he gets to be part of Johnny Cage's Special Forces offshoot team, alongside Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs and Takeda Takahashi. However, his rash and foulmouthed attitude would be a big obstacle during missions, as proven in situations like when the team went to Lin Kuei's turf to guarantee the allegiance of the clan and their new grandmaster, Kuai Liang, only for Jin to challenge the whole clan; or like when Jin caused chaos when rescuing an Outworlder thief from his death sentence and going head-to-head with the Kahn's guard. Not to mention that he constantly questioned Cassie's leadership. But he does have other talents... when Kotal Kahn was about to sentence the whole team to death, Jin stepped in and resolved the mess he caused, by playing diplomat using his studies about Outworld, resulting in a trial by kombat between him and the Kahn, and ultimately, a temporary truce between his team and the Kahn's guard to search for Mileena's whereabouts (and, most importantly, Shinnok's amulet).


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