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    A giant Spider Monster that was first seen on Monster Island!

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    Kumonga is one of the enemies of Godzilla. Kumonga weighs around 8,000 tons and is 45 meters tall.


    This arachnid is a resident of Sollgel Island.It lives underground and comes out every few months to find prey to eat. It was awakened by a fight between a Kamacuras and Minilla. Kumonga found a meal in the small monster Minilla. Kumonga attacked Minilla by wrapping him in his webbing. Interrupted by a Kamacuras; not wanting anymore problems it webbed the giant praying mantis. Kumonga injected Kamacuras with its venom killing the insect.

    Sadly for Kumonga it was delayed by Godzilla. Godzilla fought off the spider and freed his son Minilla and together they burned Kumonga's body. The spider appeared in a child dream fighting Godzilla in a battle almost exactly like before.

    Amazingly the real Kumonga survived and was transported to Monster land in the year 1999. Kumonga along with the other inhabitants of Monster Land were taken control by an alien race the Kilaakian. The humans eventually were able to gain control of Kumonga and Monster Land's other inhabitants. They fought the Kilaakian's greatest monster King Ghidorah. In the end Kumonga and his allies won and returned to Monster Land.

    Kumonga was also one of the many Kaiju to fight King Ghinodrah in Destroy All Monsters


    Kumonga was one of the monsters used by the Xiliens to conquer Earth. It attacked at railer park in Arizona which was a part of a world wide. It was teleported away by its controllers as was the other monsters they controlled, in a way to gain Earth's trust. After the Xiliens reveal their true intentions the humans release Godzilla to fight the Xiliens and their monsters. The Xiliens summoned Kumonga to stop Godzilla. Kumonga was defeated by Godzilla. Its current whereabouts and status are unknown


    Kumonga has been shown to posses a strong webbing. This webbing can cover whole buildings and is strong enough to detain Kaiju. When Kumonga used this attack on Godzilla and Gigan both Kaiju couldn't physically break free, having to use their energy based attacks to break through.

    Also showing the ability to set traps for prey. Leaving one mile wide pits to trap other Kaiju. Kumonga used this in Godzilla: Legends #5


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