Character » Kumadori appears in 53 issues.

    Kumadori is a kabuki-fashioned fighter in the Cipher Pol No. 9.

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    Kumadori was originally fighting with Nami, who was at a severe disadvantage against his powers. However, Chopper appeared and helped Nami (after Nami had already stolen Kumadori's key) to escape, becoming Kumadori's opponent. Chopper managed to trap Kumadori in the refrigerator, but had to consume a Rumble Ball to do so. When Kumadori broke out and resumed the battle, Chopper concluded that he would need his Arm Point or Horn Point to break Kumadori's tekkai, but due to having consumed a Rumble Ball before, had difficulty accessing the proper forms. Even when Chopper did get the desired form and managed his strongest attack, it had no effect on Kumadori. On the verge of defeat, Chopper consumed a third Rumble Ball, and his subsequent "Monster Point" form severely injured Kumadori and threw him all the way back to the courthouse.

    He is revealed to be alive on the cover page of chapter 493, rescued by the others with Blueno's Air Door. He then carries an unconscious Lucci along the Sea Train tracks with the others. Having arrived at St. Poplar with the others, he begins to preform in the street for medical fees as they are no longer connected to the government. After CP9 payed for Lucci's medical fee's thay use the rest to buy clothes and other essentials, Kumadori is feeding Hattori as Kalifa reads a book. Later, Lucci is discharged from the hospital, to his and the rest of CP9's delight. He seems to enjoying himself as CP9 play bowling, partlicularly when Kalifa used her explosive strength to smash the bowling ball through the wall, let alone the pins.
    Abilities and Powers

    His fighting abilities seem to revolve around controlling his hair, using it to grab his enemies and attacking them. He also has a staff that he occasionally uses in battle. He has a penchant for spouting off haiku when fighting.


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