Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear #7

    Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear » Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear #7 - Let Them Eat Cake released by Seven Seas Entertainment on August 2021.

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    A mithril knife is needed to butcher a black tiger, but a golem has shut down the mine! Yuna packs her best bear punch and heads out to fix things. Meanwhile, the bakery’s offerings are selling like hotcakes, turning strawberry shortcake into a new Crimonia-wide craze! Whether it be baking cake or making bank, the Bloody Bear’s schedule has never been more packed!


    • Chapter 149: The Bear Goes to the Mines (The Hero Goes to the Mines)
    • Chapter 150: The Bear Enters the Mines -- Part One
    • Chapter 151: The Bear Enters the Mines -- Part Two
    • Chapter 152: The Bear Enters the Mines -- Part Three
    • Chapter 153: The Bear Enters the Mines -- Part Four
    • Chapter 154: The Captured Princess -- Part One
    • Chapter 155: The Captured Princess -- Part Two
    • Chapter 156: The Bear Enters the Mines -- Part Five: The Golem Chronicles
    • Chapter 157: The Bear Enters the Mines -- Part Six: Mithril Golems
    • Chapter 158: The Bear Leaves the Mines
    • Chapter 159: The Bear Returns to the Royal Capital
    • Chapter 160: The Bear Goes to the Capital Blacksmith
    • Chapter 161: The Bear Hears a Damsel in Distress
    • Chapter 162: The Bear is Scolded by Fina
    • Chapter 163: The Bear Goes to Make a Butchering Knife
    • Chapter 164: The Bear Reunites with Blitz's Group
    • Chapter 165: The Bear Makes a Shortcake
    • Chapter 166: The Bear Gets the Black Tiger Butchered
    • Chapter 167: The Bear Has a Cake-Tasting Party -- Part One
    • Chapter 168: The Bear Has a Cake-Tasting Party -- Part Two
    • Chapter 169: The Bear Brings a Cake to Noa
    • Chapter 170: The Bear Is Taught How to Brew Tea
    • Chapter 171: The Bear Goes to Get Her Mithril Knife from the Capital
    • Chapter 172: The Bear Heads to Princess Flora
    • Chapter 173: The Bear Eats Cake with Royalty
    • Chapter 174: The Bear Opens Shop in the Capital
    • Chapter 175: The Bear Rescues Kumakyu
    • Extra Stories


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    Story Arcs

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