Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear #6

    Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear » Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear #6 - Babysitter's Cub released by Seven Seas Entertainment on June 2021.

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    At Ellelaura’s request, Yuna accepts a mission to escort the students of the royal academy on a practical training exercise in the woods. Unfortunately, these pampered children of aristocrats have no intention of doing as she says, and their recklessness takes them right into some very serious danger! Can the Bloody Bear save the day–and a bunch of snotty teenagers, to boot?


    • Chapter 121: The Bear Goes to the Royal Capital
    • Chapter 122: The Bear Goes to the Academy
    • Chapter 123: The Bear Heads Out for Practical Training
    • Chapter 124: The Bear Worries About How Much She Can Say
    • Chapter 125: The Bear Watches the Students
    • Chapter 126: The Bear Tours the Village
    • Chapter 127: The Bear Goes to Save the Villagers
    • Chapter 128: The Bear Fights the Black Tiger
    • Chapter 129: The Bear Slays the Black Tiger
    • Chapter 130: Maricks Observes the Bear's Fight
    • Chapter 131: The Bear Returns to the Village
    • Chapter 132: The Bear Eats Pudding
    • Chapter 133: The Bear Meets Up with Other Students
    • Chapter 134: The Bear Returns to the Capital
    • Chapter 135: The Bear Heads to the Orphanage to Deliver the Book
    • Chapter 136: The Bear Spots Anz
    • Chapter 137: The Bear Shows Anz Around
    • Chapter 138: The Bear Explains to Anz
    • Chapter 139: The Bear Leads Anz and the Others to the Orphanage -- Part One
    • Chapter 140: The Bear Leads Anz and the Others to the Orphanage -- Part Two
    • Chapter 141: The Bear Is Tired of Milaine Barging In
    • Chapter 142: The Bear Orders Embroidery
    • Chapter 143: The Bear Opens Shop
    • Chapter 144: The Bear Tried to Get the Black Tiger Harvested
    • Chapter 145: The Bear Heads to the Capital in Search of a Mithril Knife
    • Chapter 146: The Bear Heads to the Blacksmith
    • Chapter 147: The Bear Goes to the Adventurers' Guild
    • Chapter 148: The Bear Is Asked to Defeat the Golem
    • Extra Stories


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    Story Arcs

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