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Back in 1975 this was pricey, but a good buy!

Kull, Red Sonja, Solomon Kane and more!
Kull, Red Sonja, Solomon Kane and more!

Back in 1975, when entertainment options were limited, and $1.00 was a lot of money for a comic book, Kull and the Barbarians was a pretty good buy.

Beginning with issue 2, this magazine sized comic by Marvel's Curtis imprint included over 60(!) pages of comic art and entertainment, including:

  • A beautiful Solomon Kane illustration by Berni Wrightson
  • A historical overview of Robert E. Howard's fictional heroes and a map of the Thurian Continent (Kull's home) by Roy Thomas
  • An excellent Kull story called 'Teeth of the Dragon' by Gerry Conway and Jess Jodloman
  • A very good tale of Solomon Kane, 'The Hills of the Dead', adapted by Roy Thomas, Alan Weiss and Neal Adams (the art is fantastic)
  • A one page about a proto-cosplayer who dressed as Red Sonja at the first San Diego Comic Con Marvel ever attended
  • A good introductory Red Sonja story by Roy Thomas and newcomer Howard (then known as 'Howie') Chaykin
  • And last, but not least Gil Kane's 'Blackmark versus the Mind Demons', a never before published installment of Kane's Bantam Books graphic novel project, that was prematurely canceled.

I'll refrain from detailed reviews of each of these except to say they are all excellent and finding this obscure gem is highly recommended to all fans of sword and sorcery!

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