Kulan Gath

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    Kulan Gath was a villainous magician and sorcerer in Earth's Hyborian Era.

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    Kulan Gath was a villainous magician and sorcerer in Earth's Hyborian Era, the ancient time period in which Conan the Barbarian lived. He has been active up until modern times. Originally a foe of Conan, and Red Sonja. He has later been fully integrated into the Marvel Universe. Kulan Gath had achieved effective immortality by placing his life energy into a magical amulet hanging from a necklace. He was decapitated by Conan, and had his heart cut out by Red Sonja, but still was able to come back. According to Kulan Gath, many years ago during the Hyborian era he held a high position among the sorcerers of Stygia. At some point Kulan Gath was able to obtain the key to the Iron-Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath, though it is unrevealed how.


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