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    Kthara is a female demon that comes into conflict with Daimon Hellstrom and Satana when she possesses the body of a young Satanist. Kthara reappears years later when she possesses the spirit of a dead outlaw named Jedediah Ravenstorm and comes into conflict with Hellstrom and the Thing.

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    Kthara, the Mother of Demons stands in high favor of Satan and also sits on the Council of Hell. Kthara would possess the body of a young Satanist and member of the Church of the Dark Father named Gloria Hellford when she attempted to conjure a demon. Kthara is free after ten thousand years and has plans to ravage the Earth once more. Daimon Hellstrom comes to Los Angeles after he receives a letter from an old friend stating that his daughter Gloria has been influenced by evil and needs help. Hellstrom is greeted by Gloria who is now possessed by Kthara and she tells him that she is a member of the Church of the Dark Father and ominous things have been occurring since a new woman named Satana has joined the group. Hellstrom meets his sister at a local cemetary and the two siblings end up fighting one another. Hellstrom appears to win the fight when Satana is consumed in hellfire and returns back to his room. Hellstrom fatigued from his battle is captured by Kthara and he awakes tied up within a demonic pentagram. Kthara tells Hellstrom that Gloria is dead and she is using her body as a vessel. Kthara has killed twelve men and Hellstrom would be the final death to complete her spell but Satana suddenly appears and frees her brother. Kthara unleashes a horde of her demonic pets to kill the supernatural siblings but the Mother of Demons is defeated when Satana summons the Basilisk within her and it drags Kthara back to Hell.


    Kthara was created by Chris Claremont and Sal Buscema in 1975 and first appeared in Marvel Spotlight # 24.

    Story Arcs

    Ghost Town

    Kthara reappears years later when she possesses a dead outlaw named Jedediah Ravenstorm who has returned to the town of Lawless to claim its soul. Hellstrom and the Thing come to Lawless when they realize an unearthly presence has drawn them there. Hellstrom and the Thing come into conflict with Ravenstorm endowed with various supernatural abilities. Hellstrom realizes that Ravenstorm is actually possessed by Kthara when the outlaw said he knew the exorcist. Hellstrom was able to exorcise Kthara out of Ravenstorm's body when he struck him with his trident. Kthara would unleash the dead souls of the town after she no longer had hold of Ravenstorm's body and they ripped Kthara apart, limb from astral limb.

    Powers & Abilities

    Kthara is a demon that can possess a human vessel or spirit when she enters their body. Kthara has extensive knowledge of the dark arts and she can also summon her demonic pets to do her bidding. Kthara granted Ravenstorm various supernatural abilities when she inhabited his body which included the ability to possess individuals with the bullets from his gun, create a powerful funnel of wind and fire magical blasts from his hands.

    Other Media


    Helstrom (2020)

    Grace Sunar as Kthara
    Grace Sunar as Kthara

    Kthara appears in the 2020 Hulu original show, Helstrom, as an inhabitant of Victoria Hellstrom until she was reborn as a separate entity.

    Kthara is portrayed by Elizabeth Marvel & Grace Sunar.


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