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K'Shamba is the son of the late T'Channa and his wife. The events leading to his parents deaths have yet to revealed. He is currently in the custody of his grandparents.

Finding Hawkeye


While exploring the ruins of New York K'Shamba discovered the head of Hawkeye. He brought the head back to New Wakanda.

The King is dead


An assasination attempt was made on T'Challa after a fatal wound the Wasp was forced to infect T'Challa and turn him into a zombie. After this event K'Shamba has become very frightened of his grandfather.

The return of the Zombies


Malcolm Cortez took control of New Wakanda when T'Challa was infected and sentenced him to death. He escaped along with Hawkeye and Wasp with the aid of Forge and Reynolds. During their escape the Zombie Galacti returned to earth and in the ensuing melee K'Shamba along with Lisa Hendricks were hurried into Asteroid M by Forge. Thanks to a mutiny within the ranks of the Zombie Galacti, Reynolds had time to erect a forcefield around Asteroid M to repel the zombies. This forcefield didn't last however and the zombies managed to break through. Luckily they realised as they attacked their hunger had dissipated and the survivors were saved along with K'Shamba. Unfortunately for K'Shamba, Malcolm Cortez banished his Grandfather and the rest of the zombies and also revealed he was the one behind the death of K'Shamba's parents.

Character Notes


K'Shamba was the name of the son of Black Panther and Lisa Hendricks in the original Marvel Zombies series. As of Marvel Zombies 2 #3 the original K'Shamba character's name seemed to have been changed to T'Channa and his son has been given the name K'Shamba. This is likely due to an editorial error.

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