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    Kruun is the former global ruler of the militaristic planet Breakworld. He has clashed with the X-Men on two occasions, but has since renounced his violent ways.

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    Kruun took power on Breakworld following a campaign of violence. He remained uninvolved with Earth until he discovered that it was there that the X-Man Colossus, the person prophesied to one day destroy Breakworld, resided.


    Kruun was created by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday, and first appeared in Astonishing X-Men #19.

    Major Story Arcs


    Immediately after learning of Colossus' location, Kruun mobilizes a fleet of Bruteships and orders them to destroy the Earth. In response, S.W.O.R.D sends the X-Men to Breakworld to neutralize him, and bait his ships away from Earth. Kruun falls for their plan, and has his ships return and destroy the S.W.O.R.D vessel. The X-Men manage to make it to Breakworld in the ship's escape pods, so Kruun orders his ground forces to kill find and kill Colossus before he can bring about the apocalypse.

    In an act of preemptive vengeance, Kruun primes The Retaliator, an orbital weapon capable of destroying a planet, and aims it at Earth. The X-Men soon become aware of this, and commandeer a transport ship in an effort to disable the weapon. Meanwhile, Kruun uses a remote camera to spy on them and learns of the 'Leviathan', the X-Men's secret weapon. Immediately after, Kruun orders his warships to destroy the transport ship, but the X-Men escape back to Breakworld after Cyclops sacrifices himself to buy them time. Kruun retrieves Cyclops' body and revives him before questioning him about 'Leviathan', which turns out to be a scapegoat. Cyclops then manages to overpower and capture Kruun.

    The X-Men split up, and Cyclops' team takes Kruun to Breakworld's power source, which, if broken down by Colossus, will cause a chain reaction that will destroy the planet. They try to convince Kruun to disable the Retaliator, but he refuses, and it fires with Kitty Pryde inside. Emma Frost telepathically informs Colossus of what has occured, and so, with the help of Wolverine, he rips off Kruun's right arm. As a result of this act, Colossus deposes Kruun as the global leader of Breakworld, but he and the X-Men leave anyway. Without a leader, Breakworld descends into chaos.

    Breaking Point

    Some time later, Kruun, his partner Haleena, and many other Breakworlders come to Earth seeking refuge. S.W.O.R.D and Cyclops allow them to stay on Utopia until a more permanent settlement can be found for them.

    Kruun still sees Colossus as the true Powerlord of Breakworld, and makes a point of defending the X-Man's honour amongst the Breakworlders. This is a ruse, however, and after gaining Magneto's trust he uses Utopia's facilities to craft a crude, temporary mutant cure, and a blade which can cut Kitty Pryde, who has been stuck in her phased state since her return to Earth. During the night, Kruun neutralizes many of the X-Men, including Cyclops and Emma Frost, and then injects Colossus with his cure, taking him and Kitty Pryde hostage. He brings the two to the cliffs on the edge of the island and beats Colossus senseless. Wolverine is soon alerted to Kruun's presence and the two engage in a fierce battle. Kruun escapes after their fight is interrupted by a contingent of X-Men led by Psylocke.

    Kruun retreats into Utopia's interior only to find Haleena dead, having sacrificed her life to restore Kitty Pryde's abilities. Distraught, Kruun initiates the same ritual to bring Haleena back to life, and succeeds, to the detriment of his physical strength.

    Shortly after, the Breakworlders are relocated to San Francisco. Kruun renounces his violent ways and endeavors to teach others of his kind the values held in human society.


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