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    Springfield's Bozo.

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    Krusty has hosted a great kid's show, recorded in Springfield, for quite some time. There are a few notable things about his long-running series.

    Krusty is a Jew and his father is a rabbi.

    Krusty's show is the TV home of Itchy & Scratchy, and ultra-violent, mouse vs. cat cartoon. For the most part, it is Itchy (the mouse) doing most of the damage to Scratchy (the cat).

    Krusty has also had some notable sidekicks on his show. Sideshow Bob is a murderous evil genius with plans to eliminate Bart Simpson. His replacement, Sideshow Mel, is less murderous but has a much more theatrical voice. Krusty also uses an African monkey Mr. Teeny in his show.

    Krusty is one of the richest people of Springfield, owning: the KrustyLuStudios, the KrustyCo., Krusty Burger fast food company and Kamp Krusty.

    Krusty also owns the Krusty Burger franchise. He is a mogul, in this sense.

    In one issue of 'Simpsons Super Spectacular', Krusty dress up in a identical Pie-Man custom like Homer and framed him for various crimes. Although he was caught, Krusty's High Price Lawyer managed to get away from justice but couldn't stop Pie-Man from giving Krusty his just desserts (AKA: A pie in the face).

    It was revealed several times that Krusty has many children.


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