Krull #1

    Krull » Krull #1 released by Marvel on November 1, 1983.

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    Time to grow up

    When I was a child I thought the film this comic is based on was fun and so I felt the same about the comic. However as an adult I can see how sexist it is. I know this isn't exactly the fault of the people creating the comic because they had to follow the film (or did they, there is such a thing as creative license). On the surface it's a typical fantasy adventure story, but that's a problem. It means there are only 3 female characters and none of them go beyond terrible stereotypes. 1 a cruel and bitter old woman, another a violent seductress, and the main female character in the story is sadly nothing more than a decorative victim for the hero rescue. There's some nice art work and it captures the film well, I just wish it were more inclusive for female readers or indeed anyone that sees women as more than victims and decorations.

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