Character » Kruge appears in 21 issues.

    Klingon Commander of the Bird-of-Prey that destroyed the USS Grissom and forced the destruction of the USS Enterprise in 2285.

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    Kruge stole Federation information on the Genesis Project in 2285 to use it as a weapon to wipe out entire planets. In the process he ordered his men to kill James Kirk's son David Marcus.

    Kruge would lose his crew man by man as well as his ship, the B'rel-class Bird-of-Prey Qel'Poh, and his own life as Kirk fought back and killed Kruge in a hand to hand battle to the death. Even his ship was taken from him after his death at Kirk's hands, and the Admiral rechristened it the HMS Bounty.


    Kruge was created for the third Star Trek film know as Star Trek III the Search for Spock. The character was played by veteran actor Christopher Lloyd.


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