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The Kroloteans are responsible for the experiments done on Hector Hammond, William Hand, and the Shark. Kroloteans are known to experiment on numerous species throughout the universe. Krolotea is located in Space Sector 2812. The Sinestro Corps member, Gleen, is a Krolotean and is assigned to Space Sector 312.

In Other Media

Young Justice: Invasion

The Kroloteans appear as major villains throughout the series. In this show, the Kroloteans are presented as a culture that revolves around theft. Their presence is first made known in the episode "Happy New Year." The bounty hunter Lobo captures a Krolotean who had kidnapped and replaced an Asian politician, leading to the revelation that there were numerous Kroloteans disguised as humans on Earth. They appear to be extremely afraid of Blue Beetle, something that baffles the hero and his companions. This is eventually explained due to the fact that the Kroloteans and the Reach are fierce rivals.

In the episode "Earthlings," the heroes discover that the Kroloteans have been arriving on Earth via the use of stolen Zeta tubes from Rann. Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy and Alanna successfully destroy one of the Zeta facilities before returning home.

Kroloteans in Young Justice Invasion
Kroloteans in Young Justice Invasion

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