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Storyline (2007)

Karsta and the other military guild deserters venture out on their own among the stars
Karsta and the other military guild deserters venture out on their own among the stars

Generations ago, during the height of the Kryptonian Empire, Karsta Wor-Ul was from the Ansomlands on Krypton. She was the sub-command third under Admiral Dru-Zod. It was her squad's duty to do peacekeeping duty on the Possession Worlds.

After some time, her squad had been recalled to Krypton. Har-Zod thought he would win the election and maintain his position. By losing, the Military Council lost their power. The Navy had been ordered to stand down. It was thought that the Empire had become immoral and tyrannical. They were all being corrupted by their power.

Not wanting to go back to mundane lives with no power, several of the squad decided to venture off on their own. They had planned to use Dru-Zod's ship to make their getaway. Unfortunately, Dru-Zod had remotely sent his ship away, without a crew, before it could be retrieved and dismantled.

A younger Karsta Wor-Ul, having adventures in space
A younger Karsta Wor-Ul, having adventures in space

Stranded, the few remaining deserters decided to move away from Krypton and their red sun. When they had traveled out as far as their power suits would take them, they set off a solar grenade. It simulated the energies of a young yellow sun. This gave them power to be free.

Their new found freedom was short lived. At a space-station "watering hole," they were discovered by a clamp squad, and half a battle fleet sent from Almerac. To make matters worse, the space-station was inside an orange-sun system. The heavily armed Almeracian soldiers were more than a match for the outnumbered coterie of Kryptonians. One by one, Karsta's fellow renegades were meeting their end. Some decided to return to Krypton and face the Science Council while others went on to become mercenaries. Karsta joined some interstellar pirate bands. It was here that she met Ro-Kul, another ex-Navy officer.

Karsta and Ro-Kul eventually left the lives of pirates behind them and settled down. They built a home for themselves in the Interstellar Gulf and lived in peace for over a Century. After time had passed and the news of Krypton's destruction met them, they were able to venture out to other worlds. They thought they were safe but soon found that they were still being hunted by another pirate named Amalak. They ran but Ro-Kul was killed.

Karsta Wor-Ul and her lover, Ro-Kul
Karsta Wor-Ul and her lover, Ro-Kul

Karsta kept a low profile and stayed in the shadows. She only went to backwater worlds where she wouldn't be recognized as a Kryptonian. Eventually she heard news of a Kryptonian named Superman on the planet Earth. She figured she would be safe on Earth. Because of Superman's public actions, if trouble came, it would find him first. Karsta would have time to escape.

Superman soon became aware of her presence and confronted her. She gave him one punch and knocked him all the way to Tokyo. Flying back to California, Superman was able to convince her he meant no harm. She soon told him her story. She also mentioned that she was prepared to leave the planet. Since the Auctioneer knew she was there, she figured it was only a matter of time before she was discovered by others. Right on cue, Amalak arrives stating that his vengeance will soon be complete. He will end them and the other Kryptonians on Earth to finally put an end to all of them.

Karsta flew away while Superman was attacked stating that Superman led them to her and that he should stay and fight so she had time to escape.

Superman, Supergirl, Power Girl and Krypto were simultaneously attacked around the globe. Christopher Kent managed to avoid detection, possible due to the red solar energy watch that Batman placed on him at Superman’s request to help Chris act like a human. Bouncing his heat vision off a satellite he wrote Lois a message to get Chris to safety.

Karsta got to a stash of weapons hidden in the ocean. She activated sensor fields to mask her departure and with concern for her fellow Kryptonians she left Earth. She had a ship hidden in a near by asteroid, before she took off she took one last look at Earth and her last remaining kinsmen. She spotted Amalak’s ship in orbit and scanned it, tracing the radio communications down to Earth.

On the Earth the battle had made its way to Superman’s Arctic Circle Fortress of Solitude. The Kryptonians were beaten, Batman who attempted to stop or delay Amalak from reaching Kandor was injured and believed under the circumstances it was prudent to call upon Chris Kent. Chris removed his watch and came crashing thru the ceiling. Giving Superman the opening the make one last desperate move. Before he could sacrifice himself to throw Amalak into the atomic cauldron Karsta arrived at the last minute and used the last of her yellow solar energy grenades to restore the Kryptonians powers so they could defeat Amalak.

Karsta took Amalak and his crew to “The Authorities” because they were wanted in parts of six galaxies for piracy and worse. Karsta knew she was wanted as well but decided it was time to face what she had done in the name of survival. She was last seen leaving Earth with Amalak restrained.

Powers & Abilities (2007)

Military Training

As a member of the Kryptonian Military Guild, she received extensive training in the use of weapons, applicable technology, hand to hand combat, strategy, and survival techniques. She served a long tour of duty as a peacekeeper, and has had to survive on her own out among the stars for a long time, increasing her skills by hard-won experience.

Kryptonian Physiology

As a Kryptonian, she has several amazing powers when in a solar system with a yellow sun:

  • Flight: Can defy gravity and fly under her own power, even through outer space.
  • Super Strength: Has great strength. Can lift more than 1,000,000 tons.
  • Super Speed: Can travel great distances in an instant. Able to move nearly as fast as The Flash.
  • Super Hearing: Can hear any sound at any volume or pitch and filer out and focus in on specific voices even in a crowded city.
  • Endurance: Doesn't need to sleep, eat, or drink, can survive in outer space, and can maintain psychical exertion for very long periods of time without tiring.
  • Heat Vision: Can fire rays of extreme heat and power from her eyes.
  • X-Ray Vision: Can see through anything except lead.
  • Telescopic Vision: Can focus her vision down to the microscopic level, or extend it out and focus it on objects far, far away.
  • Super Breath: Can create whirlwinds by forcefully exhaling, or freeze objects or opponents by blowing freezing cold air at them (a.k.a. ice breath).
  • Durability: Nearly impervious to any harm. Though can be hurt by beings with equal or greater power than her own, by magic, or by Kryptonite.
  • Longevity: Ages much slower, though is not truly immortal.
  • Healing: Can heal rapidly from injury.
  • Photographic Memory: Can read at high speeds and remember every detail, as well as remember anything she's experienced with perfect clarity.

Storyline (1983-1988)

Kristen Wells as Superwoman
Kristen Wells as Superwoman

A descendant of Superman's pal, Jimmy Olsen, Kristin Wells is the 29th century Superwoman. Starting out as a mild-manner teacher with an interest in the 20th century Superwoman, Wells began investigating her identity via time-traveling. Her first trip back in time landed her at the first appearance of Superwoman where she and Superman battled the villain known as King Kosmos. From this battle she deduced that she was in fact Superwoman! Using 29th century technology, Kristen gained the power of flight, teleportation, empathy, precognition, and telekinesis. Kristin later introduced herself to Superman as Superwoman and returned to her future to inform the 29th century media of her discovery.

Superwoman would later travel back in time only to be trapped and amensic in the 20th century. Thinking that he had lost her forever, Kristin's boyfriend rally against time-travelling and it was banned. Year later Kristin's memory would return and she would be reunited with her lost love.

She would later be seen as a ghost in The Kingdom: Planet Krypton (1999).

Powers & Abilities (1983-1988)

using her phasing ability to pass through solid mater
using her phasing ability to pass through solid mater

29st Century technology gives Kristen Wells a number of abilities that appeared as super powers to Superman and the people of the past:

  • flight
  • teleportation
  • phasing
  • force-field
  • empathy
  • precognition
  • telekinesis
  • time travel

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