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Krishna is a optimised human clone with cybernetic enhancements. The projet that created Krishna lasted 20 years and the clone was created after the second year making Krishna 18 years old.

Krishna underwent extensive genetic augmentation and was fited with cybernetic enhancemets that were designed by an A.I. that would share his body.It was also said that Krishna's body was infested with bacteria that would excrete material in the form of circuitry that was controled by the A.I.

Krishna was designed to save the enviroment of India out of selfishness as oposed to altrusim and orders. When Krishna made his debute he awed they people of India with his knowledge and wisdom(of what we don't know exactly,but the narration indicated that it religous in nature as Krishna was "feed' all of their scpiture), which only led to futher horror of his future actions. Krishna's plan to save the enviroment of India included the immediate reduction of the population and destruction of the older inferstructure via massive death and destruction.

Russians send against him Perun trying to kill him, while the iranian Malak spontaneously comes to battle. Krishna is able to defeat both.


Krishna it's one of the strongest man-made gods: he's able to defeat both Perun and Malak with few moves, destroying the metal structure of the first and blasting the other one out the Earth's orbit, devastating the Moon in the process.

Krishna can create plant-like life who spreads like a cancer on the ground, and modify the environment at will, upgrading the infrastructure, improving the entire country. Despite all the deaths, he was really capable of saving India.


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