Kris Hathaway

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    Kristina Hathaway is one of the Renegades and Peter Stanchek's childhood sweetheart.

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    Valiant Entertainment 2012

    Kris is an old childhood friend of Peter Stanchek, but when Peter returned to the old neighborhood, she acted like she didn't know him. Given their past history of being each others first kiss, Peter is baffled that she doesn't remember him. After constant digging, Kris finally gives in and tells Peter that she does remember him. It was a long time ago, but she remembers how he had the whole neighborhood scared of him, that he hurt people and that everyone was happy when he was taken away. Peter feels he 'needs' her to keep him from losing himself and does the very despicable thing of using his powers to make her fall in love with him. This backfires on him when it's time to join the Harbinger Foundation and he has to release her. At that point, she flips out on him and turns extremely vengeful. This is understandable seeing as they slept together under Peter's power.

    Original Valiant Universe

    Kris is a member the Harbinger Resistance and the girlfriend of team-leader Sting / Peter Stanchek. She has the ability to Innate Leadership Skills. While feeling neglected by boyfriend Peter, she would find comfort with team member Torque. In the Valliant Universe this led to the birth of Magnus the Robot Fighter.

    Powers & Abilities

    While Kris is not said to have any psychic powers like the rest of The Renegades, she has demonstrated intellect in planning, leadership abilities, and a strong understanding of the mind as she was able to communicate with her unconscious and preconscious mind inside of a psychic construct made by hyper-psychics working for Toyo Harada. This could mean some type of psychic resistant abilities or simply an ability to think even when under the influence of a dream-like illusion.


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