The Kree and The Phalanx

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During War of Kings, the Kree were transmoded into Phalanx and were able to return towards a semblance of normality.  They kept the babel spire to use as a protective force barrier to allow their empire time to recoup.  Wouldn't it have made sense to experiment with the leftover Phalanx technology and transmode virus and use that as a way to evolve and strengthen themselves?  the process worked for Doug Ramsey and Warlock multiple times, and as of now are much better characters for their troubles.  It would make some sense for the Kree to become some new form of Phalanx, at least insofar as they are in control and not any lingering Ultron/Phalanx programming. What does everyone think, should the Kree explore the transmode/technorganic virus or rot in locked evolution.

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During War of Kings, Maximus was working on using Terrigenesis to advance the race, but they seemed to fail. Then Black Bolt dies. Then Marvel cancelled all their cosmic books. 

My question is, if the Kree finally rise above their genetic stagnancy, will they still be as interesting? Or would they become even more war-like?

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