Kree Pursuer Corps

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    The Pursuers are an elite corps of Kree warriors that serve the Supreme Intelligence.

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    After the Builders were defeated, the Supreme Intelligence summoned the Pursuer Corps under the command of Tanalth with the task of securing their people's power. Thus, he tasked her and her elite corps with finding the lost Gods' Whisper that had been lost on Earth though the parts remained in the hands of some of the surviving Invaders.


    The Pursuers were created by James Robinson and Steve Pugh where they first appeared in All-New Invaders first story arch.

    In an interview on Newsrama, Robinson elaborated on the Pursuers being their own branch within the Kree Empire:

    "So I began thinking about Korath the Pursuer, and I liked the idea of the job class of the Pursuer. If the Accusers are sort of the judges in the Kree Empire, then the Pursuers are the U.S. Marshalls."


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