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Krazy Comic was an IPC weekly title that attempted to be more outrageous than its contemporaries, and most issue covers featured scenes depicting people reading Krazy and finding it irresistibily funny. The lead characters were the Krazy Gang - Ed, Blue (Ed's parrot), Cheeky, Liz, Sporty, Brainy and Freaky (a bizarre looking alien) - who lived in Krazy Town. Out of the group, Cheeky proved an instant hit, and while still appearing in the Krazy Gang strip in Krazy Comic, also became the star of his own title, Cheeky. Other strips included

The 12 1/2p Buytonic Boy (a.k.a. Buytonic Boy, a.k.a. Super Steve), featuring young Steve Ford, a lad who gained superhumans strength, endurance and speed after he drank a vitamen tonic sold to him (for, you guessed it, 12 1/2p) by Professor Nutz. As the name suggests, the series was inspired by the Six Million Dollar Man.

'Ello, It's Cheeky, a separate strip for the most popular member of the Cheeky Gang.

Scaredy Cat, starring an anthropomorphic feline who transformed into various objects whenever he became scared.

Birdman and Chicken, a pair of costumed crime-fighters clearly spoofing Batman and Robin.

Detective Fumbly's (Nut) Case Book, starring an incompetent investigator.

Hit Kid, a trenchcoat wearing child who could be hired to exact revenge on behalf of children who felt they had been victimised.

Pongalongapongo, a later addition to the comic, featuring the villainous misadventures of the Cheeky Gang's surprisingly popular nemesis, Pongo Snodgrass.

Ray Presto, a young magician

Handy Andy, a boy who could make the shadow pictures he made with his hands come to life.

Big Game Hunter, an insanely rich boy who would randomly whisk bored kids off for adventures in far-flung places

Kelly's Telly, the tale of Kelly, who owned a portable television that allowed whatever characters were appearing on screen to exit and interact with the real world.

Micky Mimic, a boy would could impersonate anyone flawlessly.

Paws, an anthropomorphic dog

Duck Turpin, a fowl highwaymallard

Cheeky's Pal, Scruffbag, the story of a school cat

Fit Fred and Sick Sid, about a sporty boy, Fred, who constantly tried to bully his weaker friend, Sid, into taking part in various sports, only for it to backfire in Fred's face.

Krazy ran from Oct 1976 to May 1978 for a total of 79 issues, before merging with Whizzer and Chips.

There were also seven Krazy Holiday Specials (outlasting the title itself by several years), a Best of Krazy Special, and eight Krazy Annuals, cover dated 1978 through 1985.


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