Kravinoff family

    Team » Kravinoff family appears in 30 issues.

    The family of Kraven the Hunter, enemy of Spider-Man.

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    Many members of the family have plagued Spider-Man over the years but the first time they were seen as a team was when Sasha and Ana appeared together along with their family tree and her wedding photo in Amazing Spider-Man #567.

    They returned in a story arc entitled "Grim Hunt" running through Amazing Spider-Man #634-637.

    Family Tree

    So far these are the known members:

    Kraven the Hunter fathered three sons before he wed, they were Vladimir Kravinoff (Grim Hunter), Alyosha Kravinoff and Nedrocci Tannengarden. Some time after fathering the boys he found a woman who's lust for the hunt matched his own, he wed Sasha Kravinoff and they had a last daughter: Ana Kravinoff.

    Chameleon is half-brother of Kraven by his father's side.


    After the death of Kraven his sons and his daughter tried unsuccessfully to kill Spider-Man.


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