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While Spider-Man and Daredevil were teaming-up to fight the bank robber Fracture, the mysterious Ana Kravinoff, the daughter of the deceased Kraven the Hunter watches and studies her prey, being Spider-Man. She plans to weaken Spider-Man by attacking those close to him and she brings a file on Peter Parker.

While applying to work for a comic book store, Peter is targeted by a sniper wielding Ana but manages to save himself and another employee using his abilities and escapes to a subway station. To maintain the secrecy of his identity as Spider-Man, Peter convinces the employee that he is a Skrull shape-shifter and intimidates him into staying quiet about what Peter just did.

A drug dealer was shot and killed with a gun owned by Peter's roommate, police officer Vin Gonzales who claims that he's innocent and that the gun was somehow taken and used in the killing but since he can't prove his innocence, he is suspended. To make matters worse, while making his way back home, he becomes the victim of a hit and run. While opening up to his friends Peter and Harry, he reveals that his identity and money have been stolen.

When Vin arrives home, he is attacked by Ana who forces him to wear a Spider-Man costume she found in the apartment, claiming it to be his "uniform". After Vin wears the costume, Ana knocks him out by hitting him with her gun to the back of his head and then proceeds to take Vin to a sewer where she ties him up upside down and tells him that she's going to kill him.

Vin tries to tell her that she has the wrong guy but she only admonishes him for being a weakling and not putting up much of a fight.

At home, Peter realizes that his costume and web-shooters are missing and calls Matt Murdock for a favor. He goes to Matt's office with a webbed up face to prove that he's Spider-Man without compromising his secret identity and asks him to borrow his Daredevil costume. Meanwhile, Ana injects Vin with a syringe containing Mutant Growth Hormone (MGH).

As Daredevil, Peter goes to the police station where, he discovers that a girl has been getting MGH with powers similar to Spider-Man's.

At the sewers, the villain known as Vermin, upset about the intrusion of his home, attacks Ana, giving Vin the chance to escape but Ana defeats Vermin and re-captures Vin. Vermin escapes the sewers and runs into "Daredevil" and they have a brutal fight.

Ana releases Vin from his restraints to enjoy the thrill of hunting and recapturing him.

During the fight, an enraged Peter brutally pummels Vermin until he manages to stop himself and web him up. Vermin is confused because he saw Spider-Man in the sewers so Peter assumes that Vin may be there wearing his costume and tells Vermin to lead him there.

While hiding from Ana, Vin attempts to fight her but he is easily defeated and before she could finish him off, Peter appears and fights her. To maintain his identity as Daredevil, Peter throws Vin a web-shooter and following Peter's instructions, Vin webs Ana up but she manages to break free and continues to fight Vin and Peter who doesn't use the other web-shooter to maintain the ruse of being Daredevil. Vermin then shows up with a horde of rats and attacks Ana, giving Peter and Vin the chance to escape.

Vin is taken to a hospital where he recovers and is glad that "Daredevil" saved him. His suspension has been lifted and it is obvious to everyone that he isn't Spider-Man. Peter, as Spider-Man visits him and tells him that he placed his costume in Vin's apartment as part of a "decoy plan" to prevent anyone from knowing his secret identity. An enraged Vin punches Spider-Man in the face and tells him to leave, calling him a lowlife dirt bag.

Ana returns to her home where she is consoled by her mother, Sasha Kravinoff, who claims that things are far from over with Spider-Man.

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