Character » Kratha appears in 17 issues.

    An Aspara assassin that has shunned her teachings and become an assassin for hire.

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    Kratha was born an Aspara. One of heaven's assassins. Blessed with powers to aid her in her duty and taught to follow the Gods and their teachings. Kratha, however, grew tired of all the preachings and the demands and so she left that life for another.

    Kratha is now an assassin for hire. THE assassin for hire, and she does not come cheap. As she told Lord Bala when he first contacted her about killing Tara Mehta, the next Devi before her becoming.

    This did not prove as easy at it appeared when Amara Gaelle gave her all the information. Amaguk, a Durapasya, confronted her on the rooftops before she managed to land a blow on him. And, then Tara was taken out of the city before she could wade through all the other Durapasya to get to her. However, Kratha and Iyam formed an alliance and followed in a truck, attacking the Durapasya temple during the Devi ceremony.

    During the battle the Devi entity awoke in an explosion, allowing Kratha and Iyam to be captured. Kratha managed to escape the next night, however.


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