Krakoa (Grandchild)

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    Grandchild of the original Krakoa. Currently part of the ground that the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning is built upon.

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    This Krakoa was taken by Maximilian von Katzenelnbogen from the original Krakoa. Katzenelnbogen raised it in an artificial super garden, where it was beaten and abused for years, trained to only hate and rage in order to make it into a ruthless monster for the Hellfire Club to use as a weapon.


    The grandchild of Krakoa was created by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo. It made its first appearance in 2011's Wolverine and the X-Men #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Welcome to the X-Men! Now Die!

    When Wolverine split from Cyclops' X-Men and returned to New York, he planned to build a new school. Naming this the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, he opened it up to any mutant who would come with him. Secretly however, the Hellfire Club had placed Krakoa on the campus, and the school wound up being built on top of it.

    Shortly after the school's opening, the Hellfire Club had Krakoa attack it. When this happened, Kid Omega attempted to access Krakoa's mind and discovered its origins. He then had it open up to Marvel Girl, who relayed his apologies to Headmaster Wolverine. Krakoa told her that he was also a mutant and asked to join the X-Men. He was allowed to stay as Wolverine thought it good to have a school ground that could fight back.

    Krakoa now lives a peaceful life as an outdoors version of the Danger Room technology inside the school. It responds to the needs or abuse of anyone who lives there, such as when it provided a tree to shelter Husk from the sun, or when it attacked Hellion after he urinated on a flower bed.

    Mutatis Mutandis

    After Angel was declared mentally unsound by the board members of Worthington Industries, the Jean Grey School found itself without its most vital financial supporter. Wolverine attempted to find a way to earn the money he needed for the school, but Krakoa ended up being the one to save the day by growing diamonds the size of grapefruits from his trees. He was more than happy to provide however many diamonds the school needed, resolving the school's finance issues for the foreseeable future.

    Powers and Abilities

    The grandchild of Krakoa has exhibited many of the same powers as its grandparent; namely the ability to manipulate land and plant life as an extension of itself, and re-arranging land mass to construct a crude, humanoid form for itself.

    Unlike the original Krakoa, his grandchild has shown much greater intelligence, self-awareness, and even compassion for others - whereas the original Krakoa was a largely feral and instinct-driven creature. This intelligence is mostly likely why the grandchild is considered a mutant.


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