Character » Krakkl appears in 11 issues.

    Light-speed fast and electric alien from Wally West's childhood, they had to compete for the surviving of their Worlds.

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    As a young boy, Wally West had an imaginary friend named Krakkl, whom he communicated with through the radio.

    Many years later, a group of powerful intergalactic gamblers came to Earth and selected Wally, now known as the Flash, to compete in a race. He was given no choice in the matter, for Earth would be destroyed if he did not accept. The contestants would run all throughout the space-time continuum and through different dimensions. The loser of the race would have their home planet destroyed. The winner would race forever until he was finally defeated. He found out his opponent would be his imaginary friend Krakkl, who turned out not to be imaginary after all. He was actually from the planet Kwyzz and he and his people could communicate through the radio, though no one on Earth could see them. Over time, Wally had stopped listening and remembered Krakkl as being a figment of his imagination.

    Though delighted to see each other again, both contestants were desperate to save their home worlds. Krakkl told Wally he had already defeated six others, but he felt a special attachment to him and did not want to see his world destroyed. It was with great shame that he told Wally he had cheated before. Krakkl had the people of his world run all at once and the kinetic energy would reach Krakkl, giving him extra speed. It was with this knowledge that Wally figured out how to defeat the gamblers. He contacted Linda through a special headset provided for the race and told her what Krakkl said and to make Earth's inhabitants run.

    Wally went to the gamblers and made a wager that he could reach Earth before they could. If he won, Earth would be left alone forever. However, Kwyzz would be destroyed. The gamblers accepted. Wally pushed himself to the max, but was not going fast enough. Krakkl knew the only way to save Earth would be if he merged with Wally. However, the merge would be suicide for the alien. He did it anyway, and with the energy from Krakkl and his planet combined with the energy from the Flash and his planet, Wally reached Earth first. He then turned on radios all over the world, allowing the people to of Kwyzz to go through the radios and come to Earth, thus being spared if the gamblers decided to destroy Kwyzz. It was only through Krakkl's sacrifice that both Earth and the people of Kwyzz were saved.

    Post Flashpoint

    At some point, he was held captive by A.R.G.U.S in the The Circus until he was freed by Vibe and Dale Gunn.

    He later answered Max Mercury's call from the Speed Force to help him and the Flash Family battle the Legion of Zoom.


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