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Little is truly known about Krakken, sans for the fact he has a son named Isaac and a wife called Sasha. Most of his past is only alluded to in his own false recollection of his contribution to the war against humanity. Namely, Krakken tells his son of a battle with Prophet wherein he supposedly killed the human with his mutant powers. In actual fact, Krakken lost his eye in this battle and was almost killed by Prophet.


Krakken was created by David Lapham and Roberto De La Torre and first appeared in Point One #1.

Major Story Arcs

The X-Terminated

Some years after his initial battle with Prophet, Krakken was hunted down by the vigilante. Despite Krakken's boasts of superiority to the human, again he was beat by Prophet and this time killed.

Powers and Abilities

Krakken had some control over seismic energy or activity. He claims he can "tear the Earth in two", but given his unreliability as a narrator, it's very likely his powers do not reach that extent.


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