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    The Kraken was one of the seven children Sir Reginad Hargeeves adopted. He can hold his breath under water and is skilled with knives. He seemed to be very rash and decisive but also very caring.

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    Kraken was one of several 'special' children born randomly from mothers who had shown no signs of pregnancy. He (along with six others) was raised by Reginal Hargreeves to save the world.


    Spaceboy was created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá

    Major Story Arcs

    Apocalypse Suite

    The Kraken, 00.02, Diego Hargreeves, was one of the seven children adopted by Reginald Hargreeves, forming the Umbrella Academy. From the beginning, he feuded with his adoptive brother Spaceboy.

    When still a teenager, Kraken is in a punk band with Vanya. He claims the super-hero life is not for him, but does not show up for a performance, causing the band to break up. The radio reports that he had just saved the day from an evil mime gang.

    On their first mission, to stop the Eiffel Tower from destroying Paris, Kraken rashly throws a knife into Zombie Robot Gustav Eiffel's head, pinning him to the control panel and making the Eiffel Tower launch.

    Kraken is one of the few Umbrella Academy members who did not give up crime-fighting during the break-up of the team. He looked down upon the others, particularly Rumor, who had settled down and started a family. At the funeral, he pulled off Mom's cloak to reveal her robotic nature. This infuriates the others, and the funeral breaks down into squabbling.

    Later, over cake and coffee, Kraken infuriates Spaceboy once more. Spaceboy throws him out of a window, and prepares to kill him. The other members of the Umbrella Academy manage to keep Spaceboy from finishing him, pointing out the burning carnival nearby. Kraken dives into the nearby water, going to the carnival on his own.

    The carnival is being attacked by several of Dr. Terminal's robots who were programmed to attack if the Umbrella Academy ever reformed. Kraken is badly wounded, but manages to destroy two robots, saving three children. He borrows a shirt from one of the children to bandage his wound, and goes to where Spaceboy, Rumor, and the Séance are finishing off the robots. While Spaceboy, Rumor and Séance are busy, Vanya shows up. Kraken yells at her, saying that she should never have left if she wanted to be part of the family. This was the last straw, and Vanya runs back to the Orchestra Verdammten, who change her into the White Violin.

    Kraken returns home to patch himself up, and runs off again. He investigates Vanya's room, and finds a note that reads 'Icarus. Noon". He does not tell the others. Kraken is out while White Violin kills Pogo and destroys the statue of the Horror.

    Kraken talks to police inspector Lupo, and learns about all the violinists disappearing. This is all the information he needs, and he heads to the Icarus. White Violin has already started the Apocalypse Suite. Kraken grabs her, and puts his knife at her throat. He asks why he shouldn't kill her right there. Vanya says because she loves him, stunning Kraken long enough for her to knock him back. He is saved by the timely arrival of the Umbrella Academy. 00.05 shoots Vanya in the head, and they return home, only to find the Eiffel Tower on the mansion.


    A few weeks later, Kraken has returned to crime-fighting even more viciously than before. Whenever he returns home he quarrels with Spaceboy, and storms out. He is growing more suspicious of everyone, even suspecting Mom. His primary priority is to investigate 00.05. Kraken gets all the documents on the slaughtering of the Temps Aeternalis agents from Lupo. However, he does not catch on until the Séance has already learned everything. Along with Spaceboy and Séance, Kraken travels to stop 00.05 from killing John F. Kennedy. Séance overshoots, and they end up traveling 3 years too early. Kraken joins the Vietnam War, claiming that it is the only place crazy enough for him.

    Three years later, Kraken, Spaceboy, and Séance go to Dallas. They are too late to stop the Rumor from killing JFK. Depressed, they head back to the present, which has remained exactly the same thanks to the Temps Aeternalis.

    Powers and Abilities

    Kraken can hold his breath for an unlimited time. He is an expert with throwing knives, and an accomplished martial artist.

    In Other Media

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    Kraken is portrayed by David Castaneda in the live action The Umbrella Academy Netflix series. His ability was changed from being able to hold his breath for an unlimited amount of time to limited telekinesis.


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