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Kotori was born to parents Kyogo Mono and Saya Mono in Tokyo, Japan. Her father was the priest of Togakushi Shrine. She had a brother: Fuma Mono. She had a weak health due to her capacity to be a Yumemi. When Kotori saw Kamui Shiro for the first time, she completely felt in love with him. They were two kids taking pleasure to be together. Kamui promised her to protect her. He helped her several times.

Everything was fine until the day when her mother sacrificed herself to give birth to the Sacred Sword. Indeed she was dismembered to make appeared the sacred sword. Kotori arrived and see her mother. Her brother took her over their mother. He convinced her that her mother died from a disease.



Six years past, Fuma and Kotori Mono become two students. They have the affection of everyone. Kotori tells Fuma she dreamt that a smiling fifteen-year-old Kamui coming back at school. Kotori remembers her dream, looks outside and sees a Kamui identical to her dream except for the smile. Kotori understands it wasn’t a dream when she sees Kamui integrates his class. She remembers the day where Kamui did the promise to never make her cry. So she decides to follow him on the roof during their break. She tries to talk to him; But Kamui argues her to not talk to him anymore. Kotori, bathed in tears, runs away. She has a heart attack and fails.

Kotori has another vision. She fells under the Sea of Tears and see Kamui playing with the ball. But it isn’t a ball, it is the Earth. Kamui drops it and the Earth is shattered. This visual shock wakes her up. It is already night and Kotori is in the infirmary of her school with only her brother Fuma and the nurse Tokiko Magami. Tokiko tells her that was Kamui who brought her there. Moreover the nurse lets Tokiko goes home with her brother. During their route, they discuss about the return of Kamui.



Fuma goes out in order to buy some stuff for his sister. He meets Kamui, severely injured. He brings back to his Shrine to the great surprise of his father and sister. They call the doctor and Kotori decides to watch over Kamui.

Kamui wakes up under the sight of Kotori who just felt an earthquake. At the same moment, Fuma and Sorata Arisugawa arrive. Kotori is confused and Sorata doesn’t help her. During the dinner, Sorata tells to talk to Kamui in privacy. Fuma and Kotori accept and let them alone.

At the same moment, a storm begins above the Togakushi Shrine. Kyogo is here and remembers how the sacred sword is responsible of the death of his wife. In another place, Fuma and Kotori have a conversation about Kamui. Kotori is wondering why Kamui left Tokyo six years ago. Fuma remembers the discovery of his mother’s corpse and how he tried to convince his sister that their mother died through illness. Kyogo is killed by Nataku.

Kotori arrives and is worried about her brother’s health. They are alone now and Kotori wants to be strong from now on to help her brother. Indeed she wasn’t there for him at the death of their parents. Fuma tries to comfort his sister saying she was the source of his courage.



Days past, Kotori goes to her periodical medical visit whereas Fuma is still wondering about his conversation he had with Kanoe. Kotori goes through the ravaged street where Kamui and Daisuke Saiki fought. Suddenly, electrical cables attack Kotori. Just in time, she is saved by a strong man. The electrical attack continues but the man stops it with strong attacks. The man tells Kotori to be careful, especially near Kamui’s house; then he leaves jumping from roof to roof.

Kotori remembers the last events when she sees Kamui’s house: the return of Kamui and Kamui’s wounds. It is at this moment that Kamui does his entrance. He is disoriented to see Kotori. Embarrassed by this situation, Kotori loses her balance. Kamui catches her just in time. Most embarrassed than ever, Kotori tumbles them down. This scene reminds old memories to Kamui and Kotori. Kamui remembers the day when Kotori felt from a tree whereas Kotori remembers the day when Kamui bring her back her hat stuck in a cherry tree. She thanks him a lot to take care of her.



Kamui still interrogates himself about his destiny. He could save neither the person he loves nor a distant person. He understands to be distant with persons he cares don’t protect them. At this moment, Kotori and Kamui fall in an illusion. An attack is launched on them. Kamui answers with difficulty. Indeed he must protect Kotori. A man does his entrance. It is the sakurazukamori, Seichiro Sakurazuka. A fight begins between Seichiro and Kamui. It is Seichiro who takes the advantages because he targets Kotori. In order to save Kotori, Kamui cannot protect himself. Seichiro tries to finish Kamui; but he is stopped by the entrance of Fuma and the reverse of his attack. Seichiro prefers to make himself scarce.

Kamui wakes up whereas Kotori is still asleep. Kamui’s wish to protect Kotori changes the behaviour of Fuma. He tries to reveal the secret they link him and Kamui; but Kotori wakes up. Fuma retrieves his usual behaviour. Fuma and Kotori require explanations to Kamui.



Kotori has a vision. She and fragments fall under the Sea of Tears. She sees one of the fragments and discovers that fragments are parts of the Earth. Seven persons with huge cloak do their appearance. One of them reveals to be Kamui; but he has angel wings. She falls into his arms; but she sees in his reflect, another Kamui with devil wings who tries to save her. It is too late. The Kamui with angel wings pushes Kotori into the water. Kotori finds herself fixed on a cross. She sees another Kotori fixed too; but she is dismembered. The crosses disappear and Kotori falls on the Earth. She prefers to destroy herself instead of the Earth. Kotori and Hinoto wake up. Hinoto has seen Kotori’s vision.



Fuma has another behaviour crisis. He reveals to Kamui that they have twin destinies. Then he becomes normal. Kamui doesn’t have the time to think about this because a massively injured Tokiko arrives. She explains it is too late. It is her destiny to give birth of the second sacred sword in the Togakushi Shrine. She is dismembered and the second sacred sword appears.

Kotori arrives and sees Tokiko’s corpse. The memory of her mother’s true death comes back in her mind. Kotori cannot endure this and confounds Tokiko with her mother. Kamui tries to protect her yelling to look at him. Kotori is into a trance. She goes to Tokiko’s corpse. Kamui tries to stop her but Fuma blocks him. He is also into a trance. He tells Kamui there are two swords and two Kamui.

Kotori takes Tokiko’s head and falls into a catatonic state. She has another vision. She falls under the Sea of Tears and meets her mother with the appearance of a siren. Saya reveals she is a siren because she is a sinner. She accepted to do a loveless marriage for the person she loves. She accepted to die at the Togakushi Shrine instead of Toru Shiro. She gave birth to the sacred sword for her. She tells Kotori she will die for the person she loves. She sinks more and more; but she is saved by someone in a hospital’s bed. He explains they are both yumemi. Kotori tries to come near him. He brings them near the sea. They introduce themselves. His name is Kakyo Kuzuki. His heart is dead because the person he wants to see is dead. Kotori’s enters in harmony with Kakyo’s one. A Kamui with an angel wing and a devil wing appears. Kakyo stops this and Kamui disappears. He reveals that the twin star of Kamui will wake up soon and that a kekkai in Nakano will be destroyed very soon.

Fuma requires Kamui to choose his destiny, to choose the destiny of the Earth. Fuma uses his telekinetic powers on Kamui. Fuma becomes normal and Kotori wakes up. She tells them what she saw in her vision. An earthquake destroys a new kekkai. Every dragons and allies feel it.

Inevitable Death


Three men arrive at the Togakushi Shrine. They introduce themselves as Nokoru Imonoyama, Akira Iyuin and Suo Takamura from Clamp School. Tokiko called them to take the sacred sword and protect her at the heart of five-branch star until the “ Jour de la Promesse”.

Kotori, Fuma and Kamui arrive at Clamp School. The sacred sword stolen by Nataku calls the other sacred sword. Kotori has another vision with Kakyo who explains the sacred sword laments. Kamui feels that too.

Kamui thinks a lot about his aunt’s words. It is when he sees Kotori and Fuma that he decides to protect them instead of the Earth. This declaration transforms Fuma’s behaviour. He attacks Kamui with telekinetic powers and tells Kamui that if Kamui is a dragon of Heaven, then he will be a dragon of Earth. Fuma catches his sister, fixes her on a cross and kills her with the sacred sword under Kamui’s eyes.

After killing his sister, Fuma wants to kill Kamui. Fuma tries to retire the sacred sword. But Kakyo takes possession of Kotori’s corpse and stops him. Kotori doesn’t want her brother to kill Kamui.

Kotori does an ultimate dream with Kakyo. She explains she didn’t want her brother to kill Kamui because if he did that, Fuma couldn’t return to his normal behavior. She apologizes to have used Kakyo. He doesn’t care because he knows he will become a Dragons of Earth. He regrets to not save her. She accepted to self-sacrifice in order to protect Kamui and the Earth. Kotori must leave. Angel wings grow on her back. Kakyo is sad because he will never see Kotori anymore. She has a message for Kamui and Fuma: she loves them and the future is not foreordained.

Powers and Abilities



Kotori has the capacity to have visions of the future in her dreams.


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